About us

About Tango Berlin

Tango Berlin is a school for Tango Argentino directed by the Argentinean dancers Santiago Hernandez and Juliana Aparicio.  Located on the bohemian area of Kreuzberg for the first five years is now a mobile school. Their classes take place in different areas of Berlin. They also travel around the world teaching and performing.

About Santiago Hernández 

Santiago was born in Buenos Aires, the birthplace of Tango, where he
learned the style at the original source. As a Tango dancer, he has been working professionally in Argentina, Japan, the UK, Germany and other countries. He has more than 17 years of experience as a teacher and dancer. Besides his work as a tango dancer, he has also developed a career as a professional classical ballet and contemporary dancer dancing in several companies around the world.

Beside his artistic and pedagogic carrier as a dancer, he obtained a degree in psychology at the University of Buenos Aires and currently continues his formation as a psychotherapist in Berlin.

About Juliana Aparicio

Juliana was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. When she was five years old she started nine years training in Rhythmic Gymnastics. In 2005 she studied classical ballet and Modern Jazz. At nineteen years of age, she started to dance Tango Argentino. From 2012 she starts her professional career as a Tango dancer and teacher taking part in several Festivals in Europe and Asia. Since 2016 she lives in Berlin and teaches regular classes in Tango Berlin.

Currently, besides her career as a dancer, she studies Cultural Administration.