Tango in times of Coronavirus

Dear all,

We want to share with you our last videos. Since we have to stay home because of the Virus we have decided to reactivate our online teaching project.

We hope you like the videos and can take profit of them. Ofcourse they are not mented to replace the clases. However is a good way to stay positiv and keep on dancing. If you would like tu suggest a topic you can send us an E-Mail an we will work on that on our next tutorials.

If you want to have online classes we think is possible : ) We can offer you technique classes for single dancers an also classes for couples. The only thing you need is a computer with a camera and some room to dance at home. Contact us if you are interested info@tangoberlin.com

If you find our videos useful and you would like to support us financially you can do it with a donation following this link:

This is our new Video playlist. More videos are coming soon! Enjoy it and subscribe to our Youtube chanel!